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Just watched Freakdog, AKA Red Mist, AKA that movie that Andrew-Lee Potts played a sexually deviant autistic hospital janitor who likes to film people with his camera phone and kills people while he's in a coma movie...

Best horror movie I've seen in awhile.  Seriously.  Not going to put up a trailer for it here, because the trailer is shite and all, but I literally sat and told my friend five minutes before the end of the movie what the best possible ending for it would be and what does this show do, but deliver it.

The fact that ALP spends most of the movie laying half naked (which, BTW, what the heck?  Do hospitals make a regular practice of leaving their long term coma patients NAKED now and just no one told me, but, um, Andrew-Lee naked chest so who cares, y/y?) and comatose in a hospital bed and still manages to completely hold my attention is either a testament to his acting abilities or just another example of how obsessive I can be.

:( Neither Blockbuster nor Best Buy had Return to the House on Haunted Hill though, which was distressing, because he absolutely calls a heavy weight wrestling champion a girl to his face and then proceeds to stand only a few feet away while the same man is torn literally limb from limb in front of him, in which case he goes crawling into a corner for a small breakdown that his professor has to try and talk him out of because his face is STILL COVERED IN THE MAN'S BLOOD.  It was at this point that I decided that Kyle was really Connor, simply returned to school for a new Masters. >.>

Also?  I love my mom.  Told her that ALP dies to save the resident "pretty girl" that must contractually survive every horror movie and her response was "well what about the pretty boys?" and then, while I was still attempting to recover from the first zinger, "I'm sure he was prettier than her anyway"
Me: Actually... he was
The strange thing about this whole conversation was... she was totally serious.

And, Andrew-Lee?  Please dear, no more American accents?  Not to say you're BAD at them, but I'm just ever so fond of your normal one, and you sound even scrawnier than usual when you do.

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